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Merch Minds Podcast

Mar 13, 2019

This is the best feel-good episode ever of the Merch Minds Podcast. This week the boys talk to Mitch Fairfield from Texas. Unlike most of us who are in the business of POD for ourselves, Mitch is teaching special needs students the skills to be a designer.

Glen and Yong originally met Mitch back in 2017 at the Denver seminar. Mitch drove all the way from Austin, Texas to attend the seminar and afterward drove back home immediately. Excited about what he learned he went back home and launched a program that teaches kids to design but more importantly the lesson on being entrepreneurs.

We support Mr. Fairfield with everything he has done for the kids. We are encouraging everyone to please support him by subscribing to his channel where he showcases his students and their work. In addition to his YouTube channel make sure and follow him on Facebook and Instagram. All the links are listed below.

Student Like a Boss




Merch Informer