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Merch Minds Podcast

Jun 4, 2019

There was no show last week because it was Memorial Day weekend. This week the boys are back, and they interview Johnathan Grzybowski from Penji. Johnathan stopped by and announced the new and improved Penji 3.0.

Penji is a full design agency that delivers Merch designs and just about anything else you can think of. Other Merch agencies are just that. They just deliver Merch designs. With Penji you can scale your Merch account, KDP, Local Merch and just about any other business you want to get into.

Johnathan showed us the new and improved dashboard for Penji. The new interface provides a better way to communicate with the designers on Penji. You can also add your own virtual assistant to help manage your account. mo codeThere are other new features that will blow your mind.

Johnathan is giving us three ways to get Penji.

Original Plan: You can still get the original plan, which is $369 per month. However, make sure to use the promo code "merchminds" and get 10% off every month. You won't find this deal anywhere else. With the original plan, you can get designs for just about anything you can think of. This is the perfect package for anyone doing Merch and KDP Publishing.

Merch Plan: With the Merch plan, you can get unlimited designs just for your Merch by Amazon account. At a lower rate, you can now focus on growing your Merch by Amazon account. Penji just released their new Merch program for just $244 per month. Make sure to use promo code "merchforever" when checking out.

Year of Merch: If you don't want to deal with monthly payments then this is the plan for you. Use the promo code "YEAROFMERCH" and get the pro plan for just $2688. That's a saving of a whopping $1740.