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Merch Minds Podcast

Mar 8, 2017

Glen and Yong had the privilege of interviewing Jeff Finley this week. Chances are most of you don't know who Jeff Finley is. To Glen and Yong he is someone they follow and respect in the design and apparel industry. He has designed t-shirts for various musicians from Brittany Spears to Metallica.

Jeff is the author of the book titled, Threads Not Dead. It is considered to be the bible of the apparel industry. While the book was published in 2011 it is still relevant today. Almost everything that Glen and Yong preach about design comes from Threads Not Dead. Purchase your own copy and learn about the apparel industry from how to come up with your concept to marketing.

Jeff Finley

Threads Not Dead

Jeff Finley's Etsy Store

Starbound Renegade