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Merch Minds Podcast

May 12, 2017

Finally! The boys have been trying to schedule Chris Green on an episode of the Merch Minds podcast and they finally get him. Chris is known throughout the Amazon community as the "Godfather" because he's introduced the FBA and now the Merch by Amazon platform to the public.

Chris joins the boys to have a casual conversation about Merch by Amazon. Chris reminds us how great of an opportunity Merch is and that we should all take it seriously. While the platform is approximately a year and a half old at the point of publishing this episode it is still young. Chris reassures us that Merch will improve and only get better.

Make sure and sign up for the conference that Chris is trying to organize. The price of attending and networking with like-minded individuals is priceless. The Merch by Amazon Conference will be fun so make sure and pre-register today.


Chris Green


Merch by Amazon Conference