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Merch Minds Podcast

Jun 29, 2017

Back on episode 35, Yong had extended an open invitation to any service providers on Fiverr to come on the show. Chris posted a comment and sent Yong a message saying he would like to discuss his experience on Fiverr as a service provider. Chris believes Fiverr is a fair marketplace for people to offer design services.

The boys asked Chris some tough questions as to why he is providing such services on the Fiverr marketplace. While they are completely against Fiverr, they respect Chris for his honesty and hustle. Despite the differences, Chris ended being an excellent guest and they had a good conversation.

If you're interested in Chris's services on Fiverr check out his profile by clicking on the URL below. We ask that you respect him and his services and not send him any privates messages or post in the group demeaning him. He also has a website where he offers his services and if you're interested use the code "%5MERCHMINDS" to get 5% off all orders.

Finally, as mentioned in the episode, Glen and Yong have been bombarded with emails about private coaching. While they never considered it is something they are considering if enough people are interested. If you are interested, please visit their new site and fill out the questionnaire.


Chris on Fiverr


Merch Minds Questionnaire