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Merch Minds Podcast

Apr 10, 2019

You may or may not heard of Reyes the Entrepreneur. He is a hard working individual based in Fresno, CA. The guy has worked his ass off to the point now where he is a public figure making good money.

In this week's episode, Reyes talks about how he went from being homeless to now having multiple income streams. There are no smoke and mirrors when it comes to Reyes. He documented everything on his YouTube channel on how he went from being broke to now being a successful public figure.

Reyes has done it all. He also had his own successful apparel printing business doing it the old school way. He fulfilled local orders silkscreening and using heat transfers.

Make sure and subscribe to Reyes the Entrepreneur on YouTube. He's full of energy and has a positive mindset. He will inspire you to work harder and go after your dreams.

Reyes the Entrepreneur

Merch Informer