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Merch Minds Podcast

May 26, 2018

This week the Merch Minds Podcast comes to you live and direct from Las Vegas. Yong is in the Sin City for the Licensing Expo where Amazon Merch gave a keynote presentation. Fellow graphic designer Manny Pinedo and RJ Martinez accompanied him during the trip.

They have a funny story that they share in this episode. While Yong was aboard a plane Manny and RJ were trying to check into their Airbnb. It's a funny and unforgettable story that will have all listeners laughing.

All three of them talk about what their strategy going to the Licensing Expo. They agreed that a good strategy for smaller players like them would be to approach small vendors. Big companies like WWE and Disney require deep pockets so they agreed they would approach the smaller companies.

Yong also talks to Manny about his Esty business. While Manny's Merch business has been subpar his Etsy business is booming. He's doing parody in a particular niche that brings in tons of traffic and sales. In fact, business is so good that he does a pop shop once a month on Etsy and he makes over $6k every time.

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