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Merch Minds Podcast

Sep 3, 2018

Q4 is almost here. Labor Day is officially over and the leaves are starting to change. That means that Halloween is creeping up on us real soon.

This week Glen and Yong talk about their Q4 predictions and expectations. On a previous episode, Glen even hinted maybe doing FBA again because he thinks there will be another freeze or throttle. Yong agrees. With Amazon having launched Merch Collab, PopSockets, Merch UK/DE, and Merch AMS all in one year there is a great chance of some kind of freeze this Q4.

Also, if you're publishing on CreateSpace take note that they are officially merging to KDP. For a while, there have been rumors about the move but Amazon announced last week that the move will happen. Make sure and learn the ins and outs of KDP!


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