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Merch Minds Podcast

Sep 2, 2017

The boys are back to do a show just on their own. In this episode, the boys remind you that the Merch Minds Denver Meetup/Seminar is coming up in a few weeks. The registration is just a few weeks away so if you're near the Denver area make sure and register soon before it's sold out.

Registration is just $60 for the meetup, which will be on Friday, October 6, 2017 from 11am - 5:00pm. Lunch will be provided by the Merch Minds Podcast at the meetup. Besides Glen and Yong, there will be other speakers at the meetup. They are limited to just 40 seats so make sure and sign up before the event sells out.

They also talk about the ethics as content creators. Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas and many people not just lost their homes but some died. And unfortunately, people are capitalizing off of this tragic event, which is not only against Amazon's TOS but it's unethical.

If you're one of those that made Hurricane Harvey shirts you're jeopardizing your account getting suspended. Not just that, you should have some conscience knowing you're monetizing from someone's misfortunes. Imagine if you are going through some difficult times whether it's finances or health and people capitalized from your set backs.


Merch Minds Meetup/Seminar

  • The Importance of Good Typography: Yong Jae Chong – Merch Minds Podcast
  • How to Research and Find Profitable Niche Shirt Ideas: Glen Zubia – Merch Minds Podcast
  • Designing for the AI Illiterate: Margaret Collier – Texas Gal Treasures
  • Creating and Promoting a Brand: Mike Peterson – Treasure Gnome
  • Trademark - It's As Messy As We Thought It Was – Travis Renn


Location for Merch Minds Meetup
Office Evolution
50 S Steele. St., Suite 250
Denver, Colorado 80209



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