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Merch Minds Podcast

Nov 10, 2017

This week the guys are talking about design again. Typography to be exact. As Merch by Amazon becomes saturated with more competition, it's getting harder to get sales with everyone trying to get a piece of the pie.

Glen and Yong have been preaching good design since they started the Merch Minds podcast. You can argue that their opinion is bias since they both have graphic design degrees but the lack of sales almost everyone is experiencing is proof that good design is important. You need to have a good design to stand out from the competition since the market is saturated with shirts in the same niche.

Yong recently wrote the ebook Understanding Typography for Merch by Amazon, which was originally announced to the attendees of the Denver meetup. Now the ebook is being officially being announced to the general public and on sale for everyone. Yong wrote the book because after doing the Merch Minds podcast for a little over a year now no one still talks about design. Everyone is always talking about sales, marketing, and keywords but no one talks about the most important factor of doing the Merch by Amazon business.

The book won't make you an expert in typography or design overnight, but it will introduce you to the basic fundamentals. The book will cover important topics such as kerning, spacing, font selection, font pairing and so much more! Even if you don't do your own design, this book will help you better communicate with your designer.

Design is such a visual topic and week after week Glen and Yong been coming on the podcast talking about it. The book will visually explain a lot of the things that they have discussed on the podcast for the past year. It will help you better understand what good typography is.

Yong had been secretly working on this book for over six months. Yong not only wrote the book but he also designed it. Glen wrote the foreward, and there are tons of resources stacked in the book. And here's the best part of making the purchase. Yong will continue to add to the book as time goes on and the people who purchase it will always get the newest version for free. He's promised that as long as he's alive and kicking, he will never charge you another penny for a revised version.

Make the purchase today and up your design game with Understanding Typography for Merch by Amazon for just $37!




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