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Merch Minds Podcast

Dec 11, 2017

Last week Glen and Yong discussed TeePublic's new Digital Artwork Protection. Within a couple of days, James McArthur from TeePublic reached to the boys and wanted to talk. After talking behind the scenes, Yong invited James to be a guest on the podcast.

Not only did James agree to come on the podcast but so did COO and Co-Founder Adam Schwartz. James and Adam discuss the history of TeePublic and their business model. Adam also discussed in-depth about TeePublic's new Digital Artwork Protection.

TeePublic seems very lenient about the type of design you can upload on their platform. A lot of their designs are parodies and seem to be fair game. TeePublic is another platform for content creators to experiment with but check out their site first. Make sure you can design the type of designs that are already on there.



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