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Merch Minds Podcast

Sep 16, 2019

Merch is dead! That's why, for the past several weeks, I put my efforts back into rebuilding my Etsy store. And it's paid because in less than two months I'm already at $600 in sales with just a little over 400 products live.

This week Matt and RJ are back on the show. They are back to talk about their new 30-Day Etsy Challenge, which will motivate you to build your Etsy store. Joining them in the challenge is Dionne Baker and Jay De Souza, who are successful Etsy business owners.

There are many reasons to get started on Etsy. You get better margins and analytics that you don't get on Amazon. Not just that but you have more control. While Etsy still isn't our platform, it attracts the people who are willing to spend more money. 

I'm excited about the challenge because as I stated earlier, I been scaling my Etsy store. I'm also enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with Matt, RJ, Dionne, and Jay. With their support, I'm looking to double my numbers by the end of October.

If you're interested in joining the challenge with I encourage you to use my affiliate link. Here's the great thing about purchasing the challenge through me. I will include the following bonuses for free:

  • Typography Dissected Poster (PDF Version)
  • Understanding Typography for Merch by Amazon eBook
  • Understanding Typography for Etsy Workshop

The workshop will be presented after the challenge is over. I don't want to overwhelm everyone because a lot of information will already be presented to us. I will let you guys know the date soon.

You get all this for just $97! Who's onboard to take the challenge with me?