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Merch Minds Podcast

Mar 12, 2018

Glen was out of town and couldn't record this week's episode. Yong argues that he's lazy, but Glen was actually at a reselling event in Kansas. So Yong called upon the presence of the always reliable Chris Avalos aka The Thrift Hustler.

There wasn't much Merch news this week. Amazon did post a video in the dashboard that clarifies their content policy. They also added Guideline 2.6, which discusses the promotion of violence on Merch by Amazon.

So Yong and Chris took over Glen's YouTube channel. They talked Merch and POD in general. Chris has a unique strategy for his account. Instead of chasing trends and current events he just cruises along and is in no rush to scale his account.

Make sure to subscribe to Chris's YouTube channel. He talks about all kinds of things on his channel from reselling to print on demand. Tell him Yong sent you and say "hello."


Thrift Shop Hustler YouTube Channel


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