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Merch Minds Podcast

Feb 16, 2018

This week the boys talk to Johnathan Grzybowski from Penji. Johnathan is the co-founder of Penji, which is a design agency that offers high-end designs from in-house graphic designers. Unlike other agencies, they focus more on quality instead of quantity.

Penji is unique because they have a streamlined back-end where you can communicate with your designer. They are also capping off their services to only 300 clients. Currently, there have 200 clients, but the spots will be filled up fast.

Johnathan talks about how he hires students and graduates primarily from Rutgers University. He specifically hires students going through a design program. He also puts them through extensive training before they can be hired as a designer at Penji.

You can submit unlimited designs and get unlimited revisions. Most of their work is completed within 48 hours. Their convenient month to month plan makes it easy to join with no contracts. You also get the original source files and have complete ownership of them.

The best thing about Penji is you get real in-house designers that sit in the office with Jonathan. You don't get people online who claim they are designers. And Johnathan is generous enough to give the Merch Minds listeners a 10 percent discount. Just use the discount code listed below.

Also, check out Johnathan's podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. Make sure and subscribe to his podcast, which is also listed below. The podcast is called the Blind Entrepreneur.


Discount Code: n0va (The "O" is the number zero)

The Blind Entrepreneur Podcast


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