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Merch Minds Podcast

Apr 29, 2017

This week's guest, Gio Hernandez, will inspire you to take action. He was originally living in Los Angeles, CA but because of health issues, he decided to move to Guatemala to get his health back in order. After losing over 100lbs Gio moved back to the states and is now living in Iowa.

Gio is having success on platforms...

Apr 21, 2017

In life, we all try and live our lives to the fullest. However, there are some things we can't control. Glen and Yong talk about some of the hardship that they went through this week.

Also, there are some major announcements from Amazon and the fellas. First Amazon announced they will be releasing new colors on Monday....

Apr 14, 2017

Glen is in New York and Yong is in Oregon. However, the show must go on! The boys recorded this week's episode early before they left for their trip.

This week the boys talk about various sites where you can download "commercial license" fonts. They talked about the basics of typography and fonts in a previous episode...

Apr 7, 2017

In this week's episode, the boys talk to Travis from MerchCandy. Last week Travis offered an exclusive deal for his new service, WordCandy, to the members of the Merch Minds Facebook group.

WordCandy will help streamline your listing process by generating strategic keyword suggestions for various POD platforms including...