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Merch Minds Podcast

Jan 29, 2018

Both Glen and Yong are back from their travels. Glen traveled to California and Yong...well, he traveled within California. Glen was in San Jose and Los Angeles to film his Outhustled series. Yong was in Los Angeles as a guest speaker at the Merchella conference.

They discuss their travels and the meetups they attended....

Jan 20, 2018

A lot of people have recently been approved, and there are tons of newbie questions floating around the groups. One of the questions is what are some of the products and services they can use and apply it to their Merch business. There are tons of products and services out there but should you really invest in them?


Jan 14, 2018

The boys have their very first guest of the new year. This week RJ Martinez stops by to chop it up with Glen and Yong. RJ has seen significant results with his Merch account, and he discusses how he did it.

Like many of you listeners, RJ outsources everything. In this fun interview, RJ openly discusses every aspect of...

Jan 7, 2018

Happy New Year! The boys are back with the very first episode of 2018. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and now let's all focus on the new year.

Yong is finally back from his annual trip during the holidays. He went as far as Shreveport, Louisiana and met some awesome people during his trip. He had a...