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Merch Minds Podcast

Feb 26, 2018

Yes, you read the title correctly. Glen's Merch account was suspended. His account was actually suspended a month ago, and it was finally reinstated last week. While Glen was open to talking about it, he wanted to wait and see how it played out.

First off, we should all be grateful for Glen being transparent and sharing...

Feb 16, 2018

This week the boys talk to Johnathan Grzybowski from Penji. Johnathan is the co-founder of Penji, which is a design agency that offers high-end designs from in-house graphic designers. Unlike other agencies, they focus more on quality instead of quantity.

Penji is unique because they have a streamlined back-end...

Feb 11, 2018

Passive income is a term that is being thrown around in the Facebook groups. Many content creators are claiming that they are earning passive with Merch by Amazon. While it's been discussed by Glen and Yong in the past, they discuss in-depth in this week's episode on whether Merch is really passive income.


Feb 4, 2018

Didn't Yong mention in a previous episode that he hasn't had a cold in over ten years? Well, he jinxed himself when he made that comment. He caught a cold, and he suffered big time. However, like Michael Jordan in the epic "flu game" Yong came and performed.

This week Michael Essany from Merch Momentum stops by to talk...