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Merch Minds Podcast

Jun 25, 2018

Yong is back from VidCon and HustleCon! He reviews each conference and they both get very different reviews. In a nutshell, VidCon was a bust and HustleCon was weird but very interesting.

PopSockets are officially here. After a week into uploading designs for PopSockets the boys talk about how they did. Also, are you guys making edits to your listings since Amazon said we need to describe the design? Let the boys know if you are and what changes you're making.

Also, Kelli Roberts released her course No Content Book Publishing. This is the same course that both Glen and Yong paid for to learn how to publish blank journals. Kelli is making $6k per month and in December of 2017, she made a whopping $17k!

Kelli's course will complement your Merch by Amazon business. You can take your Merch by Amazon designs and use them for your cover on Amazon. And since we're not writing anything the work is half done already. You can purchase Kelli's course by going to the URL below.

No Content Book Publishing