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Merch Minds Podcast

Jan 17, 2017

In the latest episode, Glen and Yong discuss the best practices for t-shirt designs. We had some technical difficulties with this episode and we apologize.


2. No Glitter or Glow in the Dark Designs, Shiny Font/Design, Gradients?

3. Font that is readable

4. Bold Clean Design with colors that work well with the shirt color
(It can be more than 3 colored t-shirts, doesn't matter what amazon says)

5. Large elements, nothing small that could get lost or hidden, don't want people to have to figure out what the shirt says or means

6. Don't Try to do too much and keep it simple. Try to stay away from People, Faces, Highly detailed objects

7. Work with Silhouettes, Icons, and Typography

8. Stay away from full paragraphs / short novels on the shirt (only a tagline)

9. Know your target audience (If I was a dad, would I like this shirt?)

10. Don't be scared to use 50-75% of the design space (Doesn't have to be a full 4500 x 5400 design)