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Merch Minds Podcast

May 29, 2018

After almost a two week hiatus the boys are back. Glen was in Washington DC to film his Outhustled series on YouTube. As much as he hates going there Yong was in Las Vegas for the Licensing Expo.

In this episode, they recap what Yong experienced in Las Vegas. Amazon gave a keynote presentation on Tuesday morning and they introduced Merch Collab. What exactly is Merch Collab? It's an opportunity for REAL graphic designers to collaborate with influencers such as Shane Dawson, Rick & Morty, Crossfit and more. As a designer, you submit a design and the influencers will accept or deny them to be sold on Amazon.

Yong also talks about some of the vendors at the expo. He talks about how overwhelming it was. There were some huge companies such as WWE, Dr. Seuss, Mattel, and Playstation at the expo. In order to talk to them you had to set up a meeting but also have deep pockets to even shake their hands. So Yong stuck to his strategy of talking to small vendors and he had some very interesting conversations.

Also, the staff at Merch by Amazon had a pop-up meetup for some of the people that attended. It was an opportunity to meet some of the people at Merch and have a conversation. Content creators and the staff at Merch by Amazon had a nice Q&A, which ended up being the highlight of the whole trip for most people.

Not just that, as he always preaches Yong was able to network. He met so many other content creators in the Merch community. Yong plans on attending again next year now that he has a clear understanding how everything works.

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