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Merch Minds Podcast

Sep 24, 2017

This week's guest needs no introduction. Whether you're a designer or not chances are you probably heard his name. Von Glitschka is a talented designer, best-selling author, and a teacher on various platforms such as and LinkedIn.

Yong originally met Von back at the Creative Pro Week in Atlanta. Von was a speaker, and Yong asked him to be a guest on the podcast. Von agreed, but after the conference, Von was busy with other projects. When Glen and Yong were at the Merch by Amazon Conference in Seattle Von's name came up as someone who is an influencer in the design community. This reminded Yong to reach out to Von again, and he finally came on the show.

Von talked about he got into design and some of his earlier influences. He discussed his previous job at Upper Deck. Von also talked about the "process" of design which is very important.

He also talked about his latest project, which will benefit all of the Merch Minds listeners. If you want to learn more about the creative process in design, then check out his newest and latest website. At People Love Process every account is premium and subscription-free. For a one-time flat fee, you get access to source files and resources including HD videos to help learn to be creative.

We know many of you are against paying the high subscription fees on sites This is a great opportunity to learn from Von and other professionals in the design industry. Von also gives the loyal Merch Minds listeners a discount on a package that's already affordable. The discount code is listed below.

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People Luv Process

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