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Merch Minds Podcast

Oct 25, 2017

Ever since the Denver meetup on October 6, Yong has been traveling all over the place. He flew back home to San Jose, California to rent a car and drove to eastern Oregon to for his annual meeting with his friend and client. Not just that but he also met up with fellow Merch Heads in Boise, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Since Yong had been traveling the schedule for the podcast hasn't been consistent. The boys were able to squeeze in a episode while Yong was in eastern Oregon. However, the quality of the episode isn't the best since the Internet was sporadic where he was.

In this episode, Glen and Yong announce they will start coaching people for the Merch by Amazon platform. The boys had received many messages from listeners asking that they offer the coaching services. While many of the information is out there for free, some people just need the one-on-one attention.

If you're interested in the coaching, please go to and make sure to sign up today.


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