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Merch Minds Podcast

Dec 5, 2017

TeePublic recently announced their "Digital Artwork Protection" program. Both Glen and Yong commend TeePublic for taking the initiative to protect content creators and their work. The boys go over what the Digital Artwork Protection is and they fantasize about what it would be like if Amazon implemented something similar.

The Digital Artwork Protection is still in the infancy stage, and the boys had some questions. However, they are very supportive of what TeePublic is doing. Let's see how the Digital Artwork Protection pans out and see if they can develop it to better the print-on-demand community.

The four bullet points for the Digital Artwork Protection are:

  • Reverse-engineering the steps that the rippers did to steal art in the first place. TeePublic hired engineers to close these loopholes.
  • Finds other websites that have posted the same artwork without your consent. Interface on your account that gives you the website on where it's being posted and link to the appropriate contact so you can send them a takedown request.
  • Ripper tries to upload your design to TeePublic; it will automatically be taken down.
  • Watermarks do not really work. Ripper scripts that punch out the watermark.




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