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Merch Minds Podcast

Dec 20, 2017

This week's episode is a little early and the final one for 2017. Next week the boys are taking a break from the podcast to celebrate the holiday. It's been quite a ride for the boys, and they reveal their numbers for the last time before the year is up.

In this week's episode, the boys talk about their goals for 2018. Both Glen and Yong are juggling multiple projects, which is making it difficult for them to scale their Merch by Amazon business. However, they have goals and plans to try and help them scale, and they discuss in this week's episode.

Glen is relying on some assistance from his brother to help with his designs. His brother Anthony is also a graphic designer by trade and will assist Glen in designing some of his evergreen designs in 2018. This will help Glen manage his time better and focus on growing not just Merch but eBay as well.

Yong will also rely on some assistance with his designs from a student designer at SJSU. A few months ago Yong hired a girl who is currently going through the same program as he did at SJSU. He plans on hiring her more to help with his designs, which will help him spend more time doing niche research and uploads.

As for the podcast, the boys never had a set schedule in 2017. They would record the podcast and release it on random days. In 2018, they will record all episodes on Friday and have it ready for everyone to listen to on Monday. The podcast will also be featured on the Hustler Hacks YouTube channel starting in 2018.




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