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Merch Minds Podcast

Dec 29, 2019

Happy Holidays everyone! This week I speak with the very talented Juna Duncan at Detour Shirts. Juna comes to us from Salt Lake City, which is where the next Merch by Amazon Conference will be held. Juna also happens to run one of the most popular and active Instagram accounts for POD.


Juna also talks about the popular style of designs that are resonating with the youth. He talks about the unique Kawaii style of design that originated in Japan. The best way to describe the Kawaii style is that it has a lot of pastel colors, and everything is CUTE.

Make sure and follow Juna and Detour Shirts on IG. He breaks down his designs and shows how they can be made with just simple shapes. He also shares a variety of niches, so make sure and show him support on IG.

Detour Shirts Instagram: