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Merch Minds Podcast

Jan 29, 2018

Both Glen and Yong are back from their travels. Glen traveled to California and Yong...well, he traveled within California. Glen was in San Jose and Los Angeles to film his Outhustled series. Yong was in Los Angeles as a guest speaker at the Merchella conference.

They discuss their travels and the meetups they attended. Glen being the rock star had a meetup in San Jose where he had a decent gathering. However, the Outhustled meetup was a huge success as approximately 80 people showed up! Now that's how you do a meetup.

On episode 65 Glen and Yong discuss the importance of networking within the community. While the Facebook groups might be flooded with members trying to make it big on Amazon, it is still a small community. Being a content creator on any print-on-demand platform, it can be difficult to find people to talk to. So the boys encourage that you attend conferences and meetups to learn from other people and create opportunities.

They also talk about hiring VA's. Both Glen and Yong are a one-man operation. While there are other people outsourcing every aspect of their business, they discuss why they will never hire a VA to upload their designs. Also, they talk about the importance of doing research regardless of who you hire.



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