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Merch Minds Podcast

Jun 2, 2018

This week's episode is out a little early. With so much going on the boys decided to release the episode before the weekend. And as promised Yong delivered on his promise.

Yong mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he was going to interview his personal CPA. So this week Abe Saghieh talk to the boys and provide general tax advice. As a disclaimer please talk to your own personal CPA because everyone's situation is different.

Abe and the boys discuss everything from Amazon to eBay. Abe tells the boys why he thinks collecting royalties is a good business model. He recommends what bookkeeping software are the best. He even answers the question about the evil VAT.

Also, Yong has been beta testing the Pretty Merch Pro Chrome extension for the past several days. While most people know about Pretty Merch the developer recently added the Auto Re-Login feature. Imagine a whole day without being logged out of your Merch account!

However, Auto Re-Login will be available exclusively to Pretty Merch PRO users. The subscription fee is normally $9.99 per month. Make sure to use my promo code: 20FORLIFE to get 20% off your Pretty Merch Pro subscription. This is a limited time offer so click the link below to subscribe today!


Pretty Merch Pro
Promo Code: 20FORLIFE 

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