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Merch Minds Podcast

Jun 11, 2018

On Episode 81 Yong had the opportunity to briefly talk to Manny about his Etsy business. Yong invited Manny back on the show so they can have a more in-depth conversation about what he's doing. Manny, who is a graphic designer, hadn't found much success on Merch so he focused his efforts on Etsy and it's paying off.

Manny admits he's doing parody designs in a certain niche. However, he's working on eventually branching out to his own platform and creating a Shopify store. That way he's not solely relying on Etsy's marketplace.

The good thing about Manny is that he was able to start and leverage social media early on. He created a huge following for his apparel line on Instagram. His stuff is so hot that he only does a pop-up shop one week per month and he clears $6k every time.


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