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Merch Minds Podcast

Jul 2, 2018

With AMS dead what are you doing to drive traffic to your listings? Most of us know that Amazon has great organic traffic but they also control our listings. That's why it's important to utilize platforms like Pinterest to drive traffic to our shirts.

Glen and Rose talk to Teresa Rose who has done just about everything from eBay to having her own Shopify store. One thing she learned during her business endeavors is how important it is to drive traffic to your store and listings. She found that Pinterest is a great platform to utilize to get more potential customers in front of our products.

Teresa offers a comprehensive course that teaches us how to leverage Pinterest efficiently to get the most traffic to our products. The number one lesson learned from her interview is "keyword." Remember that and make sure and check out her course below.

Pin Traffic Power: Pinterest For Merch By Amazon Bundle


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