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Merch Minds Podcast

Jan 22, 2017

Dan Vegas reached out to Glen and Yong back when the podcast first started. He has a Merch by Amazon course on Udemy that he shared with the guys. We were at first very skeptical as we bought courses in the past to see what they were like only to find them awful.

Dan's course comes highly recommended. It is a great course for anyone getting into Merch by Amazon. While his course is more geared towards the beginner it goes over a lot of topics that Glen and I had talked about in the previous episodes.

You can purchase Dan's course at the URL provided below. He was also nice enough to give all Merch Minds listeners a discounted price at $15.00 Just make sure to use the discount code, which is also listed below.

Merch by Amazon - How to Start Your Own T-Shirt Business

Discount Code: merchminds

To contact Dan go to his website where you can email him and he has links to all his social media platforms.