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Merch Minds Podcast

Feb 21, 2017

This week Glen and Yong talks about 10 ways that Amazon can improve their Merch by Amazon platform. The list is in no particular order and it's just something the guys came up with that they would like to see. What improvements would you like to see on Merch by Amazon?

1. Allow the creator to change the featured t-shirt color.
2. Allow the creator to delete drafts.
3. Allow the customer to choose the type of shirt (AA or Anvil).
4. Create a seller app with messages, tier updates, reviews on shirts, and sales.
5. Add Infant Sizes - Onesies / Dog Shirts.
6. Show a Health bar for account status.
7. Customer Support Phone Number or Message System.
8. Sort by Brand name under "Manage" on Dashboard.
9. System in place to allow bad reviews to be removed (based on quality or shipping time).
10. Adding new colors to shirts like Pink, Orange, Lime Green, and Aqua.




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