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Merch Minds Podcast

Jul 8, 2017

This week Neil Lassen stops by to talk to Glen and Yong. Neil is the founder of Merch Informer, which is the number one software that helps content creators with their research easier and more efficient. Merch Informer is officially out of beta and Neil announces that there will be more features added including keyless accounts.

Yong has said over the past several months that he has heard nothing but great things about Merch Informer but never used it. A couple of weeks ago he finally signed up for an account, and he agrees it is one of the best services to help research niches and designs. You can look up the top selling shirts based on the BSR's in just one click, including the trademark alerts.

Talking to Neil was like talking to a long-time friend. Their conversation with Neil was casual, and Glen and Yong were very impressed by his accomplishments at such a young age. They agreed on meeting up in Denver when Glen and Yong will be there from October 5-9.

Please check out Neil and Merch Informer. You will be satisfied with their service and how it will streamline your research. You get a free 3-day trial when signing up.

Also, as mentioned in the episode, Glen and Yong have been bombarded with emails about private coaching. While they never considered it is something they are considering if enough people are interested. If you are interested, please visit their new site and fill out the questionnaire.


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