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Merch Minds Podcast

Sep 10, 2017

This week Glen and Yong comes to you live and direct from Seattle, WA. The boys were there for the Merch by Amazon Conference put on by Chris Green and Ken Riel. This is a special episode because they team up with Anthony Busciglio and Kevin Levonas from Amazon Merch: Jersey Edition.

First off, the boys apologize for the quality of the audio. They normally record with a headset, but this week they used a microphone. In this episode, they briefly talk about the conference, but they can't get too much into details. They want to respect the organizers of the conference and the people who attended by not talking about any of the content from the conference.

However, they talk with various people who attended the conference to hear their stories and journies. It's always good to talk to like minded individuals and share tactics to try and scale the program. So sit back as Merch Minds and Amazon Merch: Jersey Edition fills your airwaves with fun guests and stories.


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