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Merch Minds Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

If there is one conference we should attend this year, it's the Rocky Mountain Reseller Conference. Travis Ross, the founder of the conference, stops by and talk to Glen and Yong in this week's episode. And don't let the name fool you. This conference will have plenty of Merch topics and experts.

Travis talks about he founded the conference just a few years ago. Between him and his co-founder, he was able to scale the conference in only a few years where it attracts some of the biggest players in the reselling and the Merch community.

He has a very impressive lineup this year. Check out some of the speakers that will be present at this year's Rocky Mountain Reseller Conference.

  • Eddie Levine
  • Casey Gauss
  • Anna Hill
  • Amit Desai
  • Robyn Johnson
  • Edward Ruffin
  • Garland Sullivan
  • Neil Lassen
  • Harvey Spectre
  • Anthony Busciglio
  • Kevin Levonas
  • Rachel Greer
  • Assad Siddiqi
  • Ashlin Hadden
  • Tim Jordan
  • Luke Humbrecht
  • Ken Reil

Make sure and register today before it sells out. Also, the fee will go up on May 1, 2018. Use our promo code listed below and get $50 off today.

Promo Code: merch50


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