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Merch Minds Podcast

Feb 11, 2018

Passive income is a term that is being thrown around in the Facebook groups. Many content creators are claiming that they are earning passive with Merch by Amazon. While it's been discussed by Glen and Yong in the past, they discuss in-depth in this week's episode on whether Merch is really passive income.

By definition, passive income is when you do all the necessary work up front resulting in cash flow on a regular basis. Glen argues that Merch is the closest thing to passive income. However, Yong strongly believes that you have to constantly work on your Merch account.

What do you guys think? Merch by Amazon is not hard labor, but it does require effort. Whether you are a designer or not Merch can bring in a nice income stream. Regardless of whether you believe Merch by Amazon is passive income or not let the boys know what your thoughts are.


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